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PolyScale.ai is a plug-and-play database edge cache. No fuss. Low latency. Connect apps to PolyScale in minutes and scale low latency database reads globally, without deploying servers or writing code.

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Use the language you already love to prototype ideas quickly, develop production-ready communications applications, and run serverless applications on one API-powered platform. Quickly build solutions like programmable messages, 2FA, appointment reminders, and more with the help of clear documentation and tutorials

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Whether it’s about building scalable machine learning products, migrating to Terraform or sharing best practices for Redis updates, you’ll be inspired by our teams of experts.

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Microsoft Azure @ Node Congress

Build JavaScript applications with Node.js - Node.js provides a large set of built-in APIs that help you build various types of applications, command-line apps, web apps, and more.

Azure Heroes @ Node Congress

Blockchain-based digital badges (NFTs). A fun way to earn digital collectibles for inclusive behaviour and meaningful impact in the technical community. Your unique badger is very special and cryptographically secured by the blockchain (independent of the Azure Heroes programme) so it requires a blockchain wallet to safely store it.

Cloud Skills Challenge – Node Congress

Free Node.js course @ Microsoft LEARN! Learn all things about how Node.js on Azure!!!

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Sure, you could just change jobs. Or you could change your life. At Toptal, you are in control of your career. Enjoy the flexibility of remote work with the stability of a full-time role and the freedom to choose innovative and challenging jobs with top companies.

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Mux is a video platform for developers that takes the complexity out of live and on-demand video. POST a video; GET back a video URL that plays well on any device.

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