February 17-18, 2022

7am PST / 10am EST / 4pm CET


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    of inspiring talks
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A two-day conference on all things Node.js, Edge-native workers (Cloudflare & others), Serverless, Deno & other JavaScript backend runtimes, gathering Back-end and Full-stack engineers across the globe in the cloud. To help you stay up-to-date on the latest backend tech, we're coming back with a new remote gig on February 17-18, 2022. Mark your calendars for the biggest virtual event for the Node.js community.

Besides the conference talks delivered by well-known pros, be prepared for awesome MCs and a number of virtual networking activities, interactive entertainment, and engaging challenges for all participants.

This year you can expect talks & workshops on:
  • Fastify

  • Deno

  • Cloudflare Workers

  • Serverless

  • Performance

  • Large Scale Apps

  • Testing

  • Observability

  • Security

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James M Snell
Cloudflare, USA
Talk: Towards a Standard Library for JavaScript Runtimes

James is on the Workers team @Cloudflare and a contributor to Node.js core. His contributions include features such as HTTP/2, the WHATWG URL implementation, and, most recently, an implementation of the QUIC protocol.

Jonathan Kuperman
Cloudflare, USA
Talk: Static first websites with Cloudflare Workers

I am a developer advocate currently working at Cloudflare in their emerging technologies org. I'm passionate about Open Source Software and the open web. I spend my free time learning, reading, blogging and teaching.

Lizz Parody
Fusebit, Colombia
Talk: Mastering Error Handling Node.js

Liz is a community-taught Software Engineer focused on JavaScript, and Head of Developer Relations at Fusebit. She organizes different community events such as JSConf Colombia, Pioneras Developers, Startup Weekend and has been a speaker at EmpireJS, MedellinJS, PionerasDev, Node+JS Interactive, NodeConf and others.

She loves sharing knowledge, promoting JavaScript and Node.js ecosystem and participating in key tech events and conferences to enhance her knowledge and network.

Feross Aboukhadijeh
Socket, USA
Talk: It's a Jungle Out There: What's Really Going on Inside Your Node_Modules Folder

Feross is the founder and CEO of Socket, where he's working on a new approach to supply chain security by auditing every package on npm to detect suspicious changes and block supply chain attacks without slowing the development process. Feross is the author and maintainer of WebTorrent, StandardJS, and 100s of other open source projects. His software is downloaded 500+ million times per month. He was a lecturer at Stanford where he created the course CS 253 Web Security.

Bartek Iwańczuk
Deno, Poland
Talk: Node.js Compatibility in Deno

Core member of the Deno team.

Aaron O'Mullan
Deno, France
Talk: The Future of JavaScript Runtimes

Principal software engineer at Deno, previously co-founded GitBook.

Kent C. Dodds
Remix, USA
Talk: Server-side Auth with Remix, Prisma, and the Web Platform

Kent C. Dodds is a world renowned speaker, teacher, and trainer and he's actively involved in the open source community as a maintainer and contributor of hundreds of popular npm packages. Kent is a Co-Founder and Director of Developer Experience at Remix. He is the creator of EpicReact.Dev and TestingJavaScript.com. He's an instructor on egghead.io and Frontend Masters. He's also a Google Developer Expert. Kent is happily married and the father of four kids. He likes his family, code, JavaScript, and React.

Aleksandra Sikora
Blitz.js, Poland
Talk: A Glimpse Into the Future of Fullstack Development with Blitz.js

Aleksandra is a software engineer based in Wrocław, Poland. She's worked as a full-stack developer with many different languages such as Elixir, Golang, Python, and TypeScript. She was previously a tech lead for the Hasura Console, and now she's a lead maintainer of Blitz.js.

Colin Ihrig
Deno Land, Node.js Technical Steering Committee, USA
Talk: Out of the Box Node.js Diagnostics

Colin Ihrig is an engineer at Deno Land, a member of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee, a libuv collaborator, and a hapi.js core team member.

Robert Nagy
nxtedition, Sweden
Talk: Evolving the Node HTTP Client with undici

Co-Founder at nxtedition Maintainer at CasparCG Collaborator & Technical Steering Committee Member @nodejs

Tally Barak
YOOBIC, Israel
Talk: The Secret Life of Package Managers

Senior full stack developer @ YOOBIC

30 years of software experience, and still happy to learn new things everyday.

Juan Carlos Picado
Mobile.de, Germany
Talk: Five Ways of Taking Advantage of Verdaccio, Your Private and Proxy Node.js Registry

Maintainer of Verdaccio, an OSS Node.js registry. Senior Front-End Engineer at mobile.de. Traveler.

Thomas Hunter II
Radar.Chat, USA
Talk: A Comparison of Web Workers

Thomas has contributed to dozens of enterprise Node.js services and has worked for a company dedicated to securing Node.js. He has spoken at several conferences on Node.js and JavaScript, is an O'Reilly published author (Distributed Systems with Node.js ), and is an organizer of NodeSchool SF.

Jessica Cregg
LaunchDarkly, UK
Talk: Orders & Magnitude

Jessica is a Developer Advocate at LaunchDarkly, where she speaks about change and writes about the human implications of engineering decisions. She writes for a selection of tech publications and works as a co-organiser of DevOpsDays London and the regular meet-up group DevSecOps London Gathering. She also works with Coding Black Females to improve equal and equitable representation within the technology industry.

Yan Cui
Independent Consultant, UK
Talk: Serverless in Production, Lessons from the Trenches

Independent Consultant. AWS Serverless Hero. Trainer. Blogger. Speaker.

Antoine du Hamel
Node.js TSC, France
Talk: The Road to JSON Import Support in Node.js

Antoine is a Software Engineer from France, working for Transloadit. His love for everything open source brought him to GitHub at an early age, and he has been a regular visitor and contributor ever since. He serves as a member of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee, the esteemed governing body that oversees the popular runtime environment. When Antoine is not channeling his creative energy into technical projects, he enjoys playing the piano.

Alex Ruheni
Prisma, Germany
Talk: Database Access on the Edge with Cloudflare Workers & Prisma

Alex is a Developer Advocate at Prisma, where he's working to make databases easy and fun. He loves learning and teaching other developers. Every once in a while, he procrastinates by preaching to other developers to adopt Ts. He's also a mediocre photographer at best – but the camera covers that up for him.

Shivay Lamba
TensorFlow, India
Talk: High Performance Node.js Powered by Rust and WebAssembly

Shivay Lamba is a software developer specializing in DevOps, Machine Learning and Full Stack Development.

He is an Open Source Enthusiast and has been part of various programs like Google Code In and Google Summer of Code as a Mentor and is currently a MLH Fellow. He has also interned at organizations like EY, Genpact.

He is actively involved in community work as well. He is a TensorflowJS SIG member, Mentor in OpenMined and CNCF Service Mesh Community, SODA Foundation and has given talks at various conferences like Github Satellite, Voice Global, Fossasia Tech Summit, TensorflowJS Show & Tell.

Scott Gerlach
StackHawk, USA
Talk: Automated Application Security Testing with StackHawk

Scott Gerlach is Co-founder and Chief Security Officer at StackHawk, a Denver-based startup focused on empowering engineers to easily identify and remediate security bugs. Scott brings over two decades of security and engineering experience to his current role, having served as CSO, CISO, and in other executive leadership functions at companies like SendGrid, Twilio, and GoDaddy. When he's not at work, you'll find Scott spending time with family, brewing beer, and playing guitar.

Chris Stavitsky
Sentry, USA
Talk: Monitoring Errors and Slowdowns with a JS Frontend and Node Backend

Chris has a background as a web developer. He previously worked as a Senior Software Engineer at a company that used Sentry for error monitoring. Chris liked the product so much that he decided to come work for Sentry and make finding and fixing bugs easier for other developers.

Pedro Filho
Blockchain.com, Portugal
Talk: Write Node like it's 2022

Software Engineer @Blockchain.com. Likes to work closely with UI and UX, and collaborate with product owners/managers to solve business problems.

Anthony Eden
DNSimple, USA / France
Talk: How to Register a Domain Using Node and the DNSimple API in 5 min.

Anthony Eden is the founder of DNSimple and a contributor to a wide variety of open source projects over the past 25 years as a software developer, using multiple languages, including Java. Anthony has spoken at conferences in both the US and Europe on topics such as Ruby, Rails, Erlang and various software development techniques and best practices.

Michele Riva
NearForm, Italy
Talk: Understanding JavaScript Compilation

I'm a passionate and experienced software architect from Milan, Italy. I've been working as a software engineer and architect for almost ten years in product and consultancy companies, taking the best from both worlds. I'm currently working as a Senior Software Architect in NearForm while contributing to many open-source projects in different languages (TypeScript, Haskell, Golang), writing books and technical articles.

Shedrack Akintayo
Platform.sh, Nigeria
Talk: The Evolution of Deploying Node on Servers and Platforms

Shedrack Akintayo is a Developer Relations Professional and Technical Writer with over 5+ years of experience in Technology and a track record in Web Engineering, Community Management, and Developer Relations on a global scale. He has given talks/workshops at developer conferences like JS Nation Live 2020, DevRel Asia, All Things Open among many.

He also co-organizes Developer Circles Lagos from Facebook, Open-Source Community Africa, and other communities empowering Africa and the world with Technology.

Our MC's

Mettin Parzinski
Mettin Parzinski
Miro, Netherlands

Father, husband, squash player, quite bad at chess, metalhead, aspiring woodworker. Working in the developer experience team at Miro to enable other developers to create awesome plugins for Miro boards.

Lizz Parody
Lizz Parody
Fusebit, Colombia

Liz is a community-taught Software Engineer focused on JavaScript, and Head of Developer Relations at Fusebit. She organizes different community events such as JSConf Colombia, Pioneras Developers, Startup Weekend and has been a speaker at EmpireJS, MedellinJS, PionerasDev, Node+JS Interactive, NodeConf and others.

She loves sharing knowledge, promoting JavaScript and Node.js ecosystem and participating in key tech events and conferences to enhance her knowledge and network.

Anuradha Kumari
Anuradha Kumari
Passionate People, Netherlands

Anuradha is a frontend developer, working on making the web more accessible, one website at a time. She is a Google Developers Expert for web, Microsoft MVP and Cloudinary Media Developer Expert. She aims to spread awareness and empower the community towards achieving the common goal of inclusion through technology.

Ujjwal Sharma
Ujjwal Sharma
Igalia, India

Ujjwal is a Compilers Hacker at Igalia working on TC39 and V8, a Node.js Core Collaborator, a TC39 Delegate and an International Speaker. He loves to talk about open source software, decentralization, cryptography, JavaScript and web standards.

February 17th Schedule

Times below are shown in your local browsers time zone.
Cloudflare, USA
Towards a Standard Library for JavaScript Runtimes
Cloudflare, USA
Static first websites with Cloudflare Workers

Static websites give you all sorts of great benefits. You don’t have to worry about security or scalability. They are simple to cache, cheap to host and a breeze to maintain! But sometimes I miss all the fun things you can do with just a little bit of state! Combining the Cloudflare Pages platform with Durable Objects and the HTMLRewriter API, you can have your cake and eat it too! We’ll replicate a full WordPress experience with comments, top posts, like buttons and a page counter. All on Cloudflare’s free static site hosting platform.

Prisma, Germany
Database Access on the Edge with Cloudflare Workers & Prisma

Edge functions are pushing the limit of serverless computing – but with new tools, come new challenges. Due to their limitations, edge functions don't allow talking to popular databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL. In this talk, you will learn how you can connect and interact with your database from Cloudflare Workers using the Prisma Data Proxy.

Fusebit, Colombia
Mastering Error Handling Node.js

Errors happen to every programmer. Devs have different choices: suppress it, notify the user, report to the team, ignore it or write code to handle the error.

In this talk, you will learn all the important aspects of the Node.js error system, the types of errors, different ways to deliver an error, and patterns to improve error handling - with examples!

Deno Land, Node.js Technical Steering Committee, USA
Out of the Box Node.js Diagnostics

In the early years of Node.js, diagnostics and debugging were considerable pain points. Modern versions of Node have improved considerably in these areas. Features like async stack traces, heap snapshots, and CPU profiling no longer require third party modules or modifications to application source code. This talk explores the various diagnostic features that have recently been built into Node.

Automated Application Security Testing with StackHawk - Scott Gerlach

Traditional security testing for Node and JS apps has focused on the front-end, but actual security issues most often lie in the backing REST API. Join StackHawk co-founder Scott Gerlach for a quick overview of why you need to rethink how you test your JS apps and how StackHawk can help you find and fix security bugs fast.

Monitoring Errors and Slowdowns with a JS Frontend and Node Backend - Chris Stavitsky

We've got a JavaScript frontend hitting a Node (Express.js) backend. We'll go through how to know which party is responsible for which error, what the impact is, and all the context needed to solve it.

The Evolution of Deploying Node on Servers and Platforms - Shedrack Akintayo

NodeJS is a server side representation of Javascript that can work well as an application's backend and can be run on various servers and infrastructures. In this talk, we'll be going through the journey of how Nodejs has been deployed over the years via various infrastructures from PaaS to Containers.

How to Register a Domain Using Node and the DNSimple API in 5 min. - Anthony Eden

In this short lightning talk I’ll register a domain and demonstrate how to use the DNSimple NodeJS API client to register a domain name and set up the DNS needed to make it point to a web service in just a few minutes.

Deno, France
The Future of JavaScript Runtimes

JavaScript was born in the browser, Node brought it to the server by embracing unix primitives and async I/O and lately Cloudflare Workers & Deno Deploy have brought it to the edge. Let’s take a look at where JavaScript runtimes are heading and how it will shape the software we write.

Deno, Poland
Node.js Compatibility in Deno

Can Deno run apps and libraries authored for Node.js? What are the tradeoffs? How does it work? What’s next?


February 18th Schedule

Times below are shown in your local browsers time zone.
Remix, USA
Server-side Auth with Remix, Prisma, and the Web Platform

In this talk, we'll get a live coded demo of building custom hand-rolled authentication. When you have the right tools (and we do), authentication can be quite simple and secure. This is more (and better) than just: "Install this library and you're good to go." When we're done we'll have our own auth code that can evolve with our ever-changing requirements without a need to learn some library-specific APIs. We'll be leveraging the Web Platform the way it was meant to be done to give us simple and secure server-side authentication for the web.

Node.js TSC, France
The Road to JSON Import Support in Node.js

JSON modules have been an important feature of the JavaScript ecosystem for a long time, and it’s started to take a new shape with there new ESM import syntax. Let’s review the history of JSON support in Node.js, its relationship with web compatibility, and how we can make (finally) it happen.

Socket, USA
It's a Jungle Out There: What's Really Going on Inside Your Node_Modules Folder

Do you know what’s really going on in your node_modules folder? Software supply chain attacks have exploded over the past 12 months and they’re only accelerating in 2022 and beyond. We’ll dive into examples of recent supply chain attacks and what concrete steps you can take to protect your team from this emerging threat.

Mobile.de, Germany
Five Ways of Taking Advantage of Verdaccio, Your Private and Proxy Node.js Registry

Verdaccio is an open source lightweight private proxy registry made in JavaScript with an entirely optional configuration that allows you to publish Node.js private packages and proxy from other remote registries. In this talk, you will learn five ways to take advantage of Verdaccio to improve your workflows and productivity.

The Secret Life of Package Managers - Tally Barak

Ever wondered what happens after you hit npm install and go to grab a coffee? Let's deep dive into Npm and Yarn installation process, and how you can put this knowledge into practice.

Orders & Magnitude - Jessica Cregg

Orders of magnitude matter. Things don't go up by order of one every time. Organising people in a group requires disseminating information and its interpretation and, most importantly, its distribution. Remote working and asynchronous collaboration have become the norm, meaning that distributed teams have taken their silos of knowledge with them. The impact of this has compounded any organisations experiencing a skills gap with a skills distribution problem, increasing the importance of good documentation and transparent interaction processes. In this session, we'll go over the fundamentals of requirements engineering, looking at how orders of magnitude scale alongside the expansion of scope and additional requirements. Lastly, we'll discuss how you can apply elements of platform thinking to your everyday projects.

High Performance Node.js Powered by Rust and WebAssembly - Shivay Lamba

In the post Moore’s Law era, due to limitations of the hardware, we need to squeeze more performance from the existing hardware. That means that the native code provides the best performance. However, the prevalence of native code on the server-side presents challenges to application safety and manageability. The rise and advent of Rust and WebAssembly offers new ways for developers to write high performance yet safe Node.js applications.

In this talk, I will cover the basics of Rust and WebAssembly, as well showcase how to go about their integration with Node.js. You will learn how and when to design a hybrid web application. How can you code the high performance functions in Rust in a Web Assembly virtual machine and finally how to tie everything together in a Node.js JavaScript application.

Write Node like it's 2022 - Pedro Filho

I was seeing some code that was written a few years ago, that was considered the "super clean" and "intuitive", and I realised that the JavaScript that we write today is very different from the one that we used to write just five years ago.

If you've been around for some time, you know the feeling of writing "this = that", and taking days debugging why that variable is set to null. The new node syntax, with esm, new bundlers, faster refreshes. The code was never so easy to write and understand.

Understanding JavaScript Compilation - Michele Riva

Compiling (or transpiling) modern JavaScript to older ECMAScript-compatible versions has allowed the web to evolve incredibly fast while making us happier developers. But how does the compilation process work? How can we write our own Babel plugins? Let's find out!

Radar.Chat, USA
A Comparison of Web Workers

Modern browsers come equipped with three types of Web Workers: Dedicated, Shared, and Service Workers. While each one offers the ability to execute JavaScript in a separate thread, their differing APIs and capabilities mean that any given task usually has an ideal worker. Learn the benefits of each worker and how to choose the right one.

Independent Consultant, UK
Serverless in Production, Lessons from the Trenches

Serverless technologies help us build better and more scalable applications in the cloud. It's a powerful paradigm that allows us to focus on creating business values and letting the cloud provider handle the undifferentiated heavy-liftings such as managing the underlying infrastructure. In this session, Yan Cui would take us through many of the lessons that he has learnt from running serverless workloads in production over the last five years, including development tips, testing and observability strategies, and much more.

Blitz.js, Poland
A Glimpse Into the Future of Fullstack Development with Blitz.js

Blitz was created as a fullstack React framework, inspired by Ruby on Rails, and with a goal to make you as productive as possible! It features a ""Zero-API"" data layer abstraction, has authn & authz out of the box and a few more exciting features. However, we recently decided to pivot Blitz to a framework agnostic toolkit, which means a huge and thrilling change for the Blitz community. During this talk, I will introduce the core concepts, talk about the why & how of the pivot, and give you a glimpse of Blitz's future.

nxtedition, Sweden
Evolving the Node HTTP Client with undici

What are some of the problems of the current Node core HTTP client and how can we move beyond them? A talk about how undici tries to bring the next step in client side HTTP in Node. Includes some practical advice to using undici and common pitfalls with some commentary in regards to API design decisions and future plans with some extra Fetch API bonus.


Program Committee

Matteo Collina
NearForm, Italy

Node.js TSC member, PhD, Technical Director @ NearForm, IoT Expert, Consultant, author of Pino and Fastify. Co-author of the book "Node.js Cookbook, Third Edition" edited by Packt.

Alex Korzhikov
Instructor, Mentor, Netherlands

Software engineer, team lead, ​instructor​, mentor, and ​author of technical materials​ in JavaScript, Node, ​JSON-Schema​, Web Components, TypeScript.

Nikolay Matvienko
Grid Dynamics, Russia

Principal Architect and Node.js expertise leader at Grid Dynamics. Node.js and serverless consultant. Public speaker and https://cloud-machine.expert/ blog author.

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Remix Discussion Room, Feb 18

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