Josh Goldberg Josh Goldberg

Deep TypeScript Tips & Tricks

TypeScript has a powerful type system with all sorts of fancy features for representing wild and wacky JavaScript states. But the syntax to do so isn't always straightforward, and the error messages aren't always precise in telling you what's wrong. Let's dive into how many of TypeScript's more powerful features really work, what kinds of real-world problems they solve, and how to wrestle the type system into submission so you can write truly excellent TypeScript code.


Attendees should know the starting foundations of TypeScript: what a type annotation is, how to declare object types with either interfaces or type aliases and what a union type is. Attendees' computers should have Node and an editor with TypeScript support such as VS Code.

Workshop level


Workshop schedule & location

Date & time: April 8, 17:00 CEST. Remote via Zoom.

Emanuel Scirlet, Miguel Henriques
Emanuel Scirlet, Miguel Henriques Emanuel Scirlet, Miguel Henriques

Build Modern Applications using GraphQL and Javascript

Come and learn how you can supercharge your modern and secure applications using GraphQL and Javascript. In this workshop we will build a GraphQL API and we will demonstrate the benefits of the query language for APIs and what use cases that are fit for it. Basic Javascript knowledge required.

Workshop schedule & location

Date & time: April 11, 16:00 CEST. Remote via Zoom.

Marco Ippolito Marco Ippolito

Mastering Node.js Test Runner

"Node.js test runner is modern, fast, and doesn't require additional libraries, but understanding and using it well can be tricky. You will learn how to use Node.js test runner to its full potential. We'll show you how it compares to other tools, how to set it up, and how to run your tests effectively. During the workshop, we'll do exercises to help you get comfortable with filtering, using native assertions, running tests in parallel, using CLI, and more. We'll also talk about working with TypeScript, making custom reports, and code coverage."

Workshop schedule & location

Date & time: April 16, 16:00 CEST. Remote via Zoom.


Josh Goldberg
Open Source Developer, USA

Hi, I’m Josh! I’m an independent full time open source developer. I work on projects in the TypeScript ecosystem, most notably typescript-eslint: the tooling that enables ESLint and Prettier to run on TypeScript code. I’m also the author of the O’Reilly Learning TypeScript book, a Microsoft MVP for developer technologies, and an active conference speaker. My personal projects range from static analysis to meta-languages to recreating retro games in the browser. Also cats.

Emanuel Scirlet
AWS - Sr. Cloud Application Architect, Switzerland

I'm Emanuel - Sr. Cloud Application Architect at AWS and I am helping customers to build modern, secure and scalable application on AWS. I evangelize the user of serverless technologies to allow customers to focus on their business.

Miguel Henriques
AWS, Germany

Miguel Henriques is a Cloud Application Architect at AWS with over 4 years of experience building cloud-based, serverless-first applications for large customers in the automotive industry.

Marco Ippolito
NearForm, Italy

Currently serving as a maintainer of Node.js, Fastify and Mercurius and member of Node.js security team, I'm a developer with years of experience in designing, developing and testing high scalability and distributed cloud applications, I'm committed to contributing to open source projects and helping the Node.js community grow.